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The Uncut Media Team

'The Boss' - Woman of many talents, the head honcho at Uncut is a force to be reckoned with!

'The Watchdog' - Watch out, he bites! Our in-house social media guru and marketing expert.

'The Bot' - Silence might be golden, but her tunes are better! Bringing you epic tunage 24/7, all genres!

'The Tech Guy' - and resident music expert, its all chilled vibes and unusual tracks with Sean James!

'The Entertainer' - Usually found behind the decks at favourite hot spots all over SA, Paul Angel is a household name and well respected figure in dance music circles. A man of many talents, Paul thrives on creating exciting, fun and informative entertainment. Founder of the successful Truth in Dance brand (whose had its home on Uncut Media for 3 years), Paul also runs a record label, highlighting original dance music in SA.

'The Smooth Talker' - A tasty musical experience, always served hot and spicy.

'The Legend' - To say that Benjy Mudie is a music junkie is to put it mildly. from bassist and sometimes singer in multiple garage bands,  record shop manager, music industry executive, writer, A&R consultant, music reality show judge to music biz mentor, radio show presenter and back to record store owner. From an early age music and radio was, and still, is the lifeblood of his existence.

'The Hippie' - A softie with a heart made of metal and rock, Miss K's tunes will get you jamming.

'The DJs' - Paul 'Angel' van Heerden & Ricky Emslie host the #1 dance show on the airwaves.

'The Host' - Mad as a hatter & still figuring life out, Fraser knows far too much about far too little. People would say he is argumentative, he would disagree. Uncensored & unedited, mostly unplanned conversations regarding life, reality & and the blurring of lines.

'The Hatman' - Cliff 'Ekron first donned his hat at the age of 17 and for 20 years has roamed the earth as 'The Hatman'. He is somewhat of a film nut (though most would just call him a usual nut), and he has a passion for all things related to film. Cliff loves playing games and has a soft spot for anything retro.

'The Gamer' - Toby's purpose in life is to make one person smile everyday. His enthusiasm and lust for life comes through strongly in everything he does and it is nothing short of contagious. This Guru of gaming sets out to entertain and enlighten each week!

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