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Current show

The Boombox

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The Uncut Media Team

'The Boss' - Woman of many talents, the head honcho at Uncut is a force to be reckoned with!

'The Bot' - Silence might be golden, but her tunes are better! Bringing you epic tunage 24/7, all genres!

'The Rebel' - The alter ego of our super bot Joplin, Ringo is everything dark and downright filthy about music. From sick beats to dropping the bass - you can catch Ringo late at night doing things down and dirty!

'The Watchdog' - Watch out, he bites! Our in-house social media guru and marketing expert.

'The Tech Guy' - and resident music expert, its all chilled vibes and unusual tracks with Sean James!

'The Movie Buff' - Cliff 'Ekron first donned his hat at the age of 17 and for 20 years has roamed the earth as 'The Hatman'. He is somewhat of a film nut (though most would just call him a usual nut), and he has a passion for all things related to film. Cliff loves playing games and has a soft spot for anything retro.

'The Smooth Talker' - A tasty musical experience, always served hot and spicy.

"The Soul Man" - Harry's passion for music started at an early age and took him on a journey through rock 'n roll, behind the drum set and eventually "coming home" when discovering soul, R&B, funk and groove.

'The Raver' - Old school dance, the way we dig it, the way only guest DJ DaveD can mix it!

'The Voice of Reason'  our go to designer for all things sexy and super, she is the most super of all!

'The Producers' - They do ALL the epic stuff!

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