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AlternateScapes aims to enlighten and educate listeners by providing valuable and actionable content with each and every single episode.

As a serial entrepreneur & on a journey of self discovery, host Tyrone Nell, speaks from experience and invites listeners to join him on his journey. He believes that life is about learning in order to grow and evolve so that we can be better humans by serving others. Topics covered on the AlternateScapes podcast range from entrepreneurship, brand building, and marketing to personal development, health & wellness, mindfulness & spirituality, with ‘this is how I’m feeling music’ thrown in to set the mood. 

Tyrone invites people from all walks of life who are rocking and rolling, shining their light, walking their paths, head held high to discuss pertinent topics to help inspire others. 




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AlternateScapes crew

'The Seeker' - Not just a pretty face, this self-proclaimed 'jack of all trades' has come full circle, landing back in Johannesburg with a bang, after spending 7 years lazing on the beaches of Cape Town. (Well, not really but we like to believe that that’s what they do down there).  Ty has come full circle, from a struggling, skinny teen to being signed with the international modeling agency, ICE Models.

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