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Lockdown Logs is a voice of positivity throught a pretty dull time. We are joined by some of South Africa’s most loved musicians, comedians as well as experts in various walks of life. Barry and Kelly are commentators of life, picking apart society, making sense of all the nonsense. Lockdown Logs is a voice of […]

Raised near the Klipriversberg Nature Reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa; Jodie Reid is all about the natural side of things. Her catchy, sometimes haunting lyrics inspire thought while challenging the norm and reintroducing the organic nature of song writing. Completing her first song at the age of 12, Jodie has learnt to respect the process […]

I do enjoy punishing myself. This blog just became kinkier. The start of the working week is always about re-establishing your routine. This is the second morning, I have had to swap out my usual venture to gym with exercising at home. Strangely liberating I must say. I kept a semblance of decency by wearing […]

Lord, the seventh seal must be broken. I appear to agree with Piers Morgan. A viral video of the Lord Asshat himself is doing the rounds where for once the man is making quite a bit of sense. All we have to do is sit at home and watch the telly. Nobody has to shoot […]

These will not constitute a day to day report on life during the Lock down. Consider what follows a consolidation of thoughts and ideas, presented as a journal. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I live alone. Not by myself but most certainly alone. My bolt-hole consist of a lovely apartment […]

Today is the day! I can feel it. We decided to settle who would go outside by lottery. The four of us – we had turned Jeremy into boerewors long ago – all stood under the gecko nest in the Wendy House and waited for the first one to fall. It landed on me! Can […]

Byron Davel is a Comedian, MC and Professional Human Being, hailing from The Vale in Joburg. He has been slaying stand-up comedy for 4 years and MCing for 5. Having shared the stages with Mark Banks, Barry Hilton and Robbie Collins to name a few, Byron has proven himself in the comedy scene and only […]

Definitely not a night for those with a weak stomach or closed mind – Dirty Little Secrets was performed by amateur comedian Dayle Robyn to a full house at Rusty Hook on the West Rand.A small show, in its 4th year – Dirty (as its fondly known) has grown in popularity with tickets selling out […]

In a world where being offended is the new social norm and being ‘triggered’ is an acceptable thing to claim….we present……how to offend a snowflake. Because why? Because we don’t care. Assume their gender – God forbid you assume they’re male/female/other Assume their sexuality. Actually, this one I get. I never assume because first off, […]

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