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Princess Paprika / The Princess

Princess Paprika (aka Ildi Kungl, Princess P, “the Princess” or Miss Kungl if you’re nasty) is well known for hosting events all over Gauteng and entertaining the crowd with her general knowledge and unique brand of very silly humour! Her stage name is derived from her childhood pets name (Princess) and the national spice of her childhood country (Paprika). It sounds like a BuzzFeed “What is your stripper name” quiz result, but oh well.

Born in Bloemfontein, raised in Hungary and ruined in Gauteng, Princess Paprika brings her unique life experience to everything she does. She has a degree in Theatre/Acting and has been working as a host and MC for 5 years.

Things that make Princess Paprika happy are dogs, theatre, writing, Monty Python, reading and listening to all sorts of music, especially “Ninja Sex Party”!

You can read her articles on unpacking things you thought you knew, watch her fail at makeup in her video series, or listen to her talk about sex, relationships and all things juicy in her podcast with fellow host, Gugu Madlabane! Whichever you pick, you can’t go wrong!

The crowd goes mild!

All hail the Princess!



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