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Gugu Madlabane / The Queen

Gugu Madlabane shows

Spill the Tea….Bag!

with Princess Paprika & Gugu Madlabane

Photo By Lamb Shank Productions

Many moons ago, in the land of opportunity and gold, a baby was born that would one day grow up to change the face of entertainment… This is not that story. This is the story of a young woman who is just living her best extra life, with a lot of misadventures along the way.

Gugu, aka Lady G is a 20-something-year-old fierce woman of colour who loves life, music and entertainment. A social media manager by day, this bodacious young woman is also an actor, voiceover artist, MC, singer, former radio presenter, sometimes writer and wannabe mogul.

Born in Pretoria, and raised in Johannesburg and then Cape Town, Lady G is of proud Xhosa, Sotho and Swati heritage. This walking melting pot of culture is also fluent in 5 languages, including Afrikaans and total BS.

Lady G will be co-hosts a brand new podcast, Spill The Tea…Bag with her platonic life partner, Princess Paprika aka Ildi Kungl.
Be sure to tune in to get an in-depth look into the mind and shenanigans of women who have opinions about stuff people like to gossip about… and then some!

Be sure to follow Gugu on social media: @that_Gugu


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