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“Local duo channel struggles of life into passion project that brings healing to those who struggle with self-love”

Written by on Jun 22, 2021

Beautiful – Tyrone Nell Debut Single

Johannesburg, (22 June 2021) – Local corporate professional, Andre Schlemmer, embraced his true passion for music composing and the arts during the 2020/2021 global pandemic, partnering with local model, actor and business owner – Tyrone Nell – to release their anthem of healing, “Beautiful”.

“The song ‘Beautiful’ was inspired by Ty’s remarkable journey in life. Having met him 6 years ago, we bonded over shared interests, one of which was music,” says Andre.

Tyrone describes his life as one of many transformations. The shift into music has been the realization of a life-long dream that had been suppressed by trauma, childhood abuse, dealing with his sexuality, a lack of self confidence and self-love.

“Two years ago I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that has helped me heal from the mental challenges and struggles that plagued my mind. I awoke to the fact that what I was doing with my life was not truly fulfilling and realized that the beliefs and values I held onto were limiting, outdated and conditioned by society. I started to view the world through new eyes and understood that there was more to life than what I thought.” says Tyrone.

Whilst his music dreams did not completely fade away over the years, he invested time in learning, practicing and performing in the comfort of his own private space. He describes the experience as one of many learning curves that has helped him grow and evolve.

Beliefs rooted in unconditional love towards ourselves & others, and the power we hold to create our own realities is the message Ty feels inspired to share with audiences.

“We’re a special bunch who have all played a role in bringing ‘Beautiful’ to life. It’s our music for the people. It’s a journey that has helped us release what no longer serves us, acknowledging the authentic beauty and pure essence that exists within the core of humanity,” says Ty.

The song’s lyrics, written and composed by Andre, reflect their belief in the healing and transformative power of music. Andre has a dream for greater respect and support of each other in life, treating every person that crosses our paths with unconditional love.

The team has been working on a few new tracks which will be released during the course of 2021 and 2022. Keep an eye out on Tyrone’s social media for more information.

Prior to release, ‘Beautiful’ ranked a 5/10 on global music & crowd review platform, Reverbnation in the local Reverbnation chart.


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