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Watch TURN UP THE MUSIC, HERE Available on all digital streaming platforms, HERE Friday, 12 March 2021 (SOUTH AFRICA) – TURN UP THE MUSIC, is the final release from FUTURE RADIO’s debut album, FREEDOM. The song celebrates the unifying power of music. The track seamlessly fuses elements of rock, funk, punk and rap. Through combining […]

The Day I Gave My Sister Away is the new single from South African dirty blues rock duo The Amblers. Comprising of drummer Jason Hinch and guitarist/vocalist Justin Swart, their approach to music is raw but not unpolished, lending an authentic energy to huge drums and dirty, vintage guitar tones. The Day I Gave My […]

When a jazzy-blues-playing boy meets a classical-songwriter-girl, the result is a musical match made in heaven. Meet Cherry Pill the vocal/guitar/violin duo from South Africa who explore their shared passion for music by performing their eclectic brand of Indie Folk-Rock music Expect thoughtful lyrics and sweet vocal harmonies, underpinned by the soaring melodies of Kristel’s […]

Shirley and the Shotguns is a four-piece band from East London. Their music is catchy, quirky and original, raucous now and then, occasionally melancholy, and always with a twinkle in its eye. It is usually difficult to get their tunes out of your head next morning in the shower. They proudly wear their Eastern ‘Capes’ […]

A new era is dawning as South African vocal powerhouse, Armand Joubert announces his first R&B EP, “Left with a Broken Heart”. The EP delves deep into AJ’s personal struggles and heartbreaks and is set to be music gold! Although most of his new project is pure R&B with sounds inspired by some of his […]

Swandy releases The Throne Room, a refreshing new concept of harnessing the powers of shufflemancy, a form of divination that uses the shuffle option in a playlist as a means of finding answers/guidance. The Rebel Emperor was the first single from the album, The Throne Room which was released on the 15th of December as […]

In the autumn of 2018, Future Radio was born in the imagination of its frontman, Johnny Future. Up until this point, he had predominately worked as a full-time music teacher and a session guitarist. Little did he know that this idea would evolve into what the band is today. I didn’t want Future Radio to […]

Jamie Hendry –Vocals Barrett Cawood – Guitar Jason Eedes – Drums Mark Kenyon – Bass Jasper Dan hit the South African music scene like a freight train in 2015, coming off a few years of finding their feet as a rock cover band, the boys took a decision to try out their repertoire of a […]

Parable Fifteen is a Durban-based band comprising four musicians who consider themselves family. Each accomplished musicians in their own right, the band’s members – Marc Skarda (Vocals), Nic Leahy (Guitar), Bryce Breeds (Bass Guitar) and Marius Botha (Drums) – have combined their various individual tastes and styles to create a sound that is captivatingly fresh. […]

Cape Town based, South African post-punk/garage rock cult The Medicine Dolls are a band that the world really needs right now, with untamed fury and a glammed-out fervour for excess, they are the ultimate in sonic chaos, wrapped tightly in streaked eyeliner and delicious danger. Formed in September 2016 by Greg Allan (guitar & vocals) […]

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