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Watch TURN UP THE MUSIC, HERE Available on all digital streaming platforms, HERE Friday, 12 March 2021 (SOUTH AFRICA) – TURN UP THE MUSIC, is the final release from FUTURE RADIO’s debut album, FREEDOM. The song celebrates the unifying power of music. The track seamlessly fuses elements of rock, funk, punk and rap. Through combining […]

The Day I Gave My Sister Away is the new single from South African dirty blues rock duo The Amblers. Comprising of drummer Jason Hinch and guitarist/vocalist Justin Swart, their approach to music is raw but not unpolished, lending an authentic energy to huge drums and dirty, vintage guitar tones. The Day I Gave My […]

Dynamic duo Stones & Bones kick off 2021 with a groovy new single, ‘Edge of the Earth’ featuring Anduze. “Edge of the Earth is a realization of love’s teachings.  When we are young, we stretch ourselves in so many different directions trying to experience all that life has to give. As we mature,  it becomes […]

Independent artist, Leo Burg is a creative by heart and delves into various creative fields such as music, art and design. “Somehow” is quite an experimental song as whilst the umbrella genre is EDM, the song includes some pop and house elements. The song is very eerie/atmospheric as a whole.The single is relatable and uplifting […]

Watch STAND UP & FIGHT, HERE Available on all digital streaming platforms, HERE Press page available, HERE Friday, 15 January 2021 – STAND UP & FIGHT is the latest release from South African band, FUTURE RADIO. This anthemic rock track champions individuality, encourages the pursuit of purpose in the here-and-now and challenges the idea of […]

Monica BoshoffLover of cats, Fleetwood Mac, whiskey, motorcycles, books and anything macabre and witchy in that exact order! A marketing and social media ninja by day and mortuary student and content writer by night, Monica has a passion for the environment and anything obscure (and is somewhat of a self-proclaimed gore whore). Monica found the […]

Ann Jangle. Queen of the underground. Her ominous style of dark folk, eclectic rock, gypsy infused, theatrical, soulful style of writing & performing leaves a long-lasting impression. She belts out her voice on stage like she was born there. This South-African born singer, songwriter, producer, and composer has performed her way onto a huge variety […]

After the film’s recent successful release in the USA, UK and Vietnam, South Africa is finally able to watch the thrilling horror, THE UNFAMILIAR, on DSTV Box Office, iTunes and Google Play from 28 October 2020! THE UNFAMILIAR tells the story of a British Army doctor (Jemima West) who comes back from war, thinking she has PTSD, […]

Parable Fifteen is a Durban-based band comprising four musicians who consider themselves family. Each accomplished musicians in their own right, the band’s members – Marc Skarda (Vocals), Nic Leahy (Guitar), Bryce Breeds (Bass Guitar) and Marius Botha (Drums) – have combined their various individual tastes and styles to create a sound that is captivatingly fresh. […]

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