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Hey! Hello! Howzit!

Tired of cat videos, epic fails and stupid challenges?

You have found Uncut Media!
A team of creatives whose mission in life is to entertain!

The music never stops as our superbots Joplin and Ringo fill the gaps between our live specialty radio shows. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocker, a raver or a country bumpkin, there is at least ONE EPIC and hilariously uncensored jock to play you what you want to hear!

If visuals are more your thing, Uncut Media offers live streaming YouTube videos direct from the site as well as a vlog archive ranging from the informative to totally below the belt and NSFW.

Events are our favourite thing and the team is often out and about doing and seeing ALL the things, then bringing them back for YOU to see too!

Its here. Its happening. Its hot…..

And its ALWAYS a little bit extra!

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