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The Big Boss


Radio host, emcee, performer, event organiser and comedienne  DoubleD is the head honcho here at Uncut Media. A popular jock due to her lack of filter, DoubleD brings you talk shows, interviews, general hilarity and only the most epic music! .

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The Watch Dog

Rebel GK

The brawn our social media presence & the resident watchdog, Rebel GK supervises headquarters, manages important stuff at events and has everyone's backs. Rebel GK keeps our social media current and entertaining, nothing gets passed him!

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The Muscle

Bryan Wells

Graphic designer by day. Batman by night. Fitness Fanatic ALL THE TIME. Bryan Wells is the owner of Gladiator Calisthenics and a professional athlete in his own right. Bryan's passion is passing on his expertise and experiences to anyone willing to learn.

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The Smooth Talker


A chef by profession with a soul swagging "Just Play It" attitude,  this Republic of Cape Town export brings you a mean mix of Hip Hop, House, Kwaito with an occasional R&B soul gem thrown in for flavour! Cooking up a tasty musical experience, always served hot and spicy. Satisfy your soul!

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The DJ's

Truth in Dance

Truth In Dance SA's number 1 dance music show. Built and designed to showcase  South African DJ's and producers, a team of experts and dance music enthusiasts bring you this  fast-paced, high entertainment, bass filled show every week!

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The Comedians

Chairs & Death Stares

Chairs and Death Stares is a weekly Youtube show, where we learn fun facts about our weird and whacky guests. From Beatboxers & Actuaries, to Comedians & Band Promotors...Chairs and Death Stares has it all. Videos contain strong language.

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The Music Aficionado

Sean James

Our resident authority on all things old school , born in the 70's, Sean's heart  belongs first and foremost to the hippie and rock era. His  talents include  DJing, writing electronica, playing bass and piano, blowing didgeridoo and banging away on djembes. But he doesn't sing. And we're okay with that.

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The Stoners

The HotBox Show

South Africa’s premier  Dagga Culture Show. A round up of the week’s local and international cannabis news, views and trends. Not only is our couch graced with some groovy weekly guests but we also get to hangout with weed celebrities from all over the world.

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The Voice of Reason


Our resident designer and tech chick - Meryl is one of South Africa's top website designers and social media marketing guru's. The Alter to DoubleD's ego  in various ventures for the last 12 years,  SuperM is the behind-the-scenes brain and everyone's voice of reason.

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