• The Hot Box Show

    The Hot Box Show

    19:00 21:00
    South Africa’s premier LIVE STREAM Dagga Culture Show. Our couch is graced with some groovy guests and we also hangout with weed celebrities from all over the world.  A round up of the week’s local and international cannabis news, views and trends. Send us your products and we’ll review them. Bud, dab, edibles and gear – we’ll showcase your goods and give you a shout out!
  • That’s What She Said

    That's What She Said

    20:00 22:00
    The Big Boss, DoubleD has lots to say as she brings you busty banter, dirty conversation, live interactive chat, competitions and the very best in all music across all genres! Its a bit of mixed bag, but who wants normal....right? RIGHT! A new theme every week, highlighting your favourite tracks. DoubleD talks events, latest gossip and throwback thursdays!
  • Joplin


    22:00 19:00
    Our advanced super- bot Joplin plays everything from metal to trance, blues to hip hop, country to commercial, lots of rock, lots of golden oldies and  little bit extra! Online 24/7, Joplin makes sure that silence is never golden, but her tunes are! Add your songs - drop us a message! Joplin is ready!