• Joplin


    18:00 16:00
    Our advanced super- bot Joplin plays everything from metal to trance, blues to hip hop, country to commercial, lots of rock, lots of golden oldies and  little bit extra! Online 24/7, Joplin makes sure that silence is never golden, but her tunes are! Add your songs - drop us a message! Joplin is ready!
  • And Now For Something Completely Different…

    And Now For Something Completely Different...

    16:00 18:00
    A show about everything you suspect, but nothing you expect. Featuring music from the B-sides and the bottom half of the charts, it's all the good stuff that didn't get killed by the radio. Lesser-known songs from the best-known artists, in a slightly left-of-center musical journey that is both eye-opening and entertaining. If you're looking for the usual suspects, then this show is probably not for you.