• Muscle Up

    Muscle Up

    19:00 20:00
    There isn't only one way to stay fit. Join professional athlete, Bryan Wells as he explores all options and interviews fitness celebrities and experts in [...]
  • The Dance Dimension

    The Dance Dimension

    20:30 22:30
    Get your weekend started with DaveD, mixing LIVE from the studio and bringing you all your favourite old school dance tracks. Guaranteed to get you moving, this show is interactive, full of bass and the very best EDM.
  • Joplin


    22:30 19:00
    Our advanced super- bot Joplin plays everything from metal to trance, blues to hip hop, country to commercial, lots of rock, lots of golden oldies and  little bit extra! Online 24/7, Joplin makes sure that silence is never golden, but her tunes are! Add your songs - drop us a message! Joplin is ready!